Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Order online via our secure website with Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Paypal. We now also offer to pay with Paypal, Venmo, Apple Pay and ACH bank transfers. No need to register for an account on our website unless you want to. Add the item you want to purchase to your cart, checkout of our secure store. All your information is kept private and we don’t keep your credit card information on file.

We ship based on size and weight. Add the item you want to your cart and checkout to see the costs depending on your location. Our shipping costs at checkout are approximate, we do our best for the system to get it right. If we under charge for shipping and it’s within a few dollars, we will eat the cost, however if there is a larger margin, we may reach out to collect the difference owed before we ship. There is a $0.00-$5.00 handling charge added to every shipping cost, depending on the type of product purchased. Some art needs special packaging. This cost covers boxes (if we didn’t use free boxes), wrapping, tape, bubble wrap and the containers that some blob art are shipped in. On the large blob paintings 36″ and up require a wood crate to be made that adds to the shipping cost.

International questions are covered in another section.

Is it safe to place an order at your website? Yes, we have a secure and strong SHA2 with 2048-bit encryption. At any time, click on the lock icon in the browser URL bar to confirm and see details of expiration and issuing company.

All inventory is in stock and ready to ship. Some products need to be sealed before shipping. We do our best to ship within a few days. We do not ship on weekends.

I usually don’t make duplicates of the same painting. I can paint a new painting under a custom order. Please note that any acrylic pours cannot be duplicated exactly and since all artwork is handmade, different end results may occur.

The system is set up for shipping international, but the cost is never accurate so I had to implement flat rates for shipping internationally. I will refund you if you overpay and I will charge you back if not enough was charged (with your permission of course). I don’t make a profit on shipping and will refund if over. Shipping costs may have handling included depending on the type of art you order. Some art needs special packaging. Furst Art Studio is only responsible for paying fees to ship out of the US. Any customs or duty fees are not our responsibility but if we have the option on prepaying those costs on your behalf to get through customs easier, I will.

Yes, within 14 days, as long as the product is in the same condition as when it was shipped to you. Buyer pays shipping on the return and the original postage won’t be refunded. There are no returns on sale items.

Shipping delays may occur during holiday seasons, order early.

Idaho residents will be charged sales tax of 6%.

Blob Art, dot art and acrylic pour paintings may have imperfections from bubbles and the back of the painting may have paint stains. Please note that the products used have been in place for several years, and have not been tested as to the longevity of it’s life time.

On some of the heavier and larger blob art, the weight that we have noted may far exceed what the actual weight of the product is. This is because the amount of shipping charged at checkout for those items are too low. We have adjusted the weight to compensate for those delicate/heavy/large items that require special packaging. I do keep an eye on the shipping cost and what you paid. If you overpaid, I’ll refund you.